SCUMS - Simon Cybernetic Ultimate Machanic Solver

Simon Cybernetic Ultimate Machanic Solver
Project by Nimrod Lehavi Nimrod Lehavi Zach Moshe


An experiment in the first law of robotics: "A robot may not i...
Project by eyal gruss eyal gruss Alon Gruss Daniel sher Batt Girl

Decillophonic Stick (side project)

Side project... I have 10 buzzers. That's a good start. I f...
Project by Avi Ostfeld Avi Ostfeld

FPV surfing

FPV surfing - A remote controlled first person view surfing s...
Project by Nimrod Rotem Nimrod Rotem Romy Haik

Space Ships battle

2 persons will move a space ship on a paper and will click a b...
Project by Yoav Cafri Omer Nevo Yoav Cafri Ronen Ness

Near Death Experience

A system you put in your car, with an accelerometer and a proj...
Project by Zach Moshe Erez Shapira Zach Moshe

Watermelon Faculty

will be making an analog-digital musical instrument for bastio...
Project by Yarden Weidenfeld Yarden Weidenfeld


Project by Assaf Perez Assaf Perez

Animated adaption of "old man with enormous wings". (pending approval)

Animation based off "old man with enormous wings" by Garcia Ma...
Project by Dore Dorian Diskin Dore Dorian Diskin

Large scale DLP projector chip

build this at large scale:
Project by Leon Fedotov Yosi Orevi Shay Ohayon Leon Fedotov Ze'ev Rubinstein

Lital Sultan's project'

multilingual mobile app in the communication fielde
Project by Lital Sultan Lital Sultan

Jeni Jeune's project'

"geekcon punternet" - bringing internet to geekcon and occupy ...
Project by Jeni Jeune Jeni Jeune


"Watermelon Faculty" will be making an analog-digital musical ...
Project by Gal Hochberg Amit Eshbal Yarden Weidenfeld Gal Hochberg tal katsir Itay Shhigger Zur Roey Prat

Naor buskila's project'

יש לי רעיון למיזם בתחום התחבורה הציבורית
Project by Naor buskila Naor buskila

Dana Noah's project'

A project that will promote the ability of customers to small ...
Project by Dana Noah Dana Noah

yuval kedem's project'

micro cotton candy
Project by yuval kedem yuval kedem

Avi Gal's project' (pending approval)

Frequent buzz-word users need to be punched
Project by Avi Gal Avi Gal


Create a phone that passes voice over light.
Project by Gal Beilis-Lev Gal Beilis-Lev


Alexander Graham Bell's second and unheard of invention. A voi...
Project by Boaz Kantor Boaz Kantor

Elevation through desalination

An experiment that will serve as a proof of concept for a sust...
Project by ross konik Mor Vardi Dorian Tabachnick ross konik

The "Opera gun"

A gun that breaks glass with resonance just like an opera sing...
Project by Alon Kellner Alon Kellner

Collaborative Brain Control of Sphero Balls

Collaboratively control many Sphero balls and make them battle...
Project by Lenny Ridel Lenny Ridel Itamar Ben Shalom Nir Kellner Nathan Intrator Erez Simon

Signal Detection Ofer keren project

finding "negative energies" in our food & drugs Prescription ...
Project by ofer keren zvi halbrecht Nirit Rechavi ofer keren

Nir Maatuk's project'

G.G.GRILL - The awesome self-maintained BBQ grill with air-flo...
Project by Nir Maatuk Nir Maatuk Or Cohen

Tom Gurion's project'

Touch Wood: When you need some luck, and there is no wooden fu...
Project by Tom Gurion Tom Gurion

Eldad Galker projects

Using old disk drives for new exiting purposes, Together with ...
Project by Eldad Galker Tal Galker Sigal Galker Eldad Galker Shachar Tal sarel duanis

Shooting Rainbows!

rainbow shooting - water gun with optics
Project by Alon Levy Alon Levy


Transmitting music on a beam of sun light
Project by Oded Cnaan Oded Cnaan Adi Mor Barak Adi Mor Barak

A machine that does Ah-OO-Ah

It is a machine that once pressed makes the sound of the very ...
Project by Elad Gelman Elad Gelman

Laundry automation for home

an automated laundry hanging machine
Project by Daniel Harari Daniel Harari

De-Pigeonizer (Cancelled)

Cancelled. Sadly, the pigeons won. ------------- Getting r...
Project by Yaron Rosenbaum Yaron Rosenbaum

Eytan Levit's project'

We're going to build the tallest thing we can
Project by Eytan Levit Eytan Levit

Small Talk Socks

We want to make sock puppets talk small talk with relevance to...
Project by Liron Finegold Eldad Bercovici Yael Vizel Liron Finegold

Nir Shub's project'

Punch-o-meter, cool and fun software based punch speed meter, ...
Project by Nir Shub Nir Shub

The Whispering Tree

The Whispering Tree. The mysterious tree senses you and invite...
Project by Guy Stein Guy Stein

On Guard!

Man against machine - a duel of swords! Two computers contro...
Project by Ram Nathaniel Ram Nathaniel

Dan Shamir's project'

Read a story before sleeping automatically
Project by Dan Shamir Dan Shamir

Nimrod Astrahan's project'

We're gonna build a steam boiler and use it to operate a pipe ...
Project by Nimrod Astrahan Nimrod Astrahan

Mickey's project'

Virtual umbrella
Project by Mickey Mickey


ShikaShuka Is an interactive game in which two Elephants are f...
Project by Arkadi Rafalovich Ori Ehrenberg Arkadi Rafalovich

Keren Hackam Horev's project'

Eyal Hershko, Nimrod Astrahan and I, are going to build amazi...
Project by Keren Hackam Horev Keren Hackam Horev

Shmulik Nakav's project'

Traffic management system
Project by Shmulik Nakav Shmulik Nakav

Yael Doron Drori's project'

זה התיאור לפרויקט: Abmoor - A self autonomy robot that uses pr...
Project by Yael Doron Drori Yael Doron Drori

saron paz's project'

Space invaders with real drones
Project by saron paz saron paz

MERGED Zvika Markfeld's project'

Space invaders with real drones!
Project by Zvika Markfeld Zvika Markfeld

Yotam Kenneth's project'

Robot-mounted, Krembo-shooting, face-recognizing mechanical cr...
Project by Yotam Kenneth Yotam Kenneth

Emma Schmidgall's project'

Human chasing Roomba/Neato - run for your life, as your mechan...
Project by Emma Schmidgall Emma Schmidgall

guy muchnik's project'

robot mounted, krembo shooting, face recognizing mechanical cr...
Project by guy muchnik guy muchnik

leor buch's project'

Robot-mounted, Krembo-shooting, face-recognizing mechanical *r...
Project by Leor Yamay Leor Yamay

The Face-Krembo initiative

Robot-mounted, Krembo-shooting,Wii controlled, face-recognizin...
Project by Gal Barkai Gal Barkai Omri Bodenheimer Yotam Kenneth guy muchnik Leor Yamay

Adam Bar Niv's project'

Joining Tomer Daniel's project
Project by Adam Bar Niv Adam Bar Niv

Human chasing Roomba/Neato

Run for your life, as your mechanical servant is out to hunt you!
Project by Shachar Raindel Lea Polachek Shachar Raindel Emma Schmidgall

FerroFluid Games

FerroFluid Games (Hope we will get some...)
Project by Avi Ostfeld Avi Ostfeld

Rotem Stahl's project'

shooting rainbows - Upgrading water guns to rainbow guns!
Project by Rotem Stahl Rotem Stahl

Tomer Gluck's project'

in a foot dogfight try to get close enough behind your enemy t...
Project by Tomer Gluck Tomer Gluck

Ari Isaacs's project'

Underwear that adjusts its size. When necessary.
Project by Ari Isaacs Ari Isaacs

Self-adjusting underwear!

Self-adjusting underwear that can be shared by multiple people...
Project by Guy Sheffer Galia Bahat Lee Eden Guy Sheffer

Daniel Mayer's project'

Mechanical display device acting as a selfie display
Project by Daniel Mayer Daniel Mayer

Tzafrir Rehan's project'

Mechanical display device acting as a selfie display
Project by Tzafrir Rehan Tzafrir Rehan

Tal Raindel's project'

כזה: אז לקצ...
Project by Tal Raindel tuval ben dosa Tal Raindel

Hatzav's project'

Build a mechanical computer with Cnaan Aviv.
Project by Hatzav Hatzav

100 hands massage. Uri Gordon's project'

Remote crowd based multi-hands massage : a big addressable ar...
Project by Uri Gordon Lea Polachek Adar Grof jeremy rutman Uri Gordon Elad Amira Nir Amira

Robot Battles

Robot battles. Two robots enter, one robot leaves.
Project by Adi Avnit Yoav Gross Adi Avnit

Interactive music concert website

A web based system which support an interactive live music con...
Project by Ophir Sharon Ophir Sharon ziv gilad

Parking cheat

Enable parking payment only if you must. Together with Michae...
Project by Olga Kogan Olga Kogan

Ride Simulator

We are building a full sensing car racing simulator. Homemade ...
Project by Kfir Matza Dolly Ovadia Leon Rosengarten Lital Bar Majd Srour Shlomo Nahon Kfir Matza Dan Goldberg alon barnea Ziv Barcesat

Matty Mariansky's project

Search engine: robot engine that writes love messages to his l...
Project by Matty Mariansky Matty Mariansky

Idan Sagiv's project'

Tired from old fashioned keys or combination of complex number...
Project by Idan Sagiv Idan Sagiv

Dima Blochman's project'

Catapult Seesaw - A seesaw to the sky
Project by Dima Blochman yosi Dima Blochman

Catapult Seesaw

Catapult Seesaw - A seesaw to the sky.
Project by Yaniv Tross Roey Dado yosi Yaniv Tross Dima Blochman

Miles Ward's project'

With Nimrod Lehavi
Project by Miles Ward Miles Ward

David Katz's project'

We're going to build the highest thing we can
Project by David Katz David Katz

Ilana Kuznietz's project'

1. Personal air conditioner. 2. 3D printing with drones.
Project by Ilana Kuznietz Gary Coover Ilana Kuznietz

Elad katz's project'

controling lights and music through nui, using several differe...
Project by Elad katz Elad katz

Ofer HaCohen's project'

An autonomous trash bin. Never miss again.
Project by Ofer HaCohen Ofer HaCohen

Roy Hodir's project'

synchrotron - with Oded Sharon
Project by Roy Hodir Roy Hodir

tena project

ecological educational agenda 3d prints spray paint brezent
Project by yuval mizrahi Erez Blueshtien yuval mizrahi

guy mador's project'

dragon drone - illan gracer
Project by guy mador guy mador

Limor levi's project'

A virtual piano playing by a glove
Project by Limor levi Limor levi Roi Levi

Roi Levi's project'

Create an "imaginary" organ that can be played wearing gloves ...
Project by Roi Levi Roi Levi

Ron Shhub's project' (pending approval)

Punch-o-meter, cool and fun software based punch speed meter, ...
Project by Ron Shhub Ron Shhub

Dotan Di Castro's project'

I short: connecting a smartphone directly to a RC controlled c...
Project by Dotan Di Castro Dotan Di Castro

Geekcon XI

I'm Geekcon's QB
Project by Inbar Raz amir mueller Inbar Raz Zach Moshe


Project by Tal Galker Tal Galker

Dorin Shani's project'

synchrotron with oded
Project by Dorin Shani Dorin Shani

Alex Efros's project'

fighting robots
Project by Alex Efros Alex Efros

Daniel Zhevelev's project'

we are going to make fighting robots
Project by Daniel Zhevelev Daniel Zhevelev

Oren Weizman's project'

synced wearable leds - with oded sharon
Project by Oren Weizman Oren Weizman

Omri baumer's project'

Small device you put in your car that will monitor it while it...
Project by Omri baumer Moran Fine Ben Kaminsky Maxim Kogan Omri baumer Michael Sverdlin

Guy Amir's project'

Fighting Robots
Project by Guy Amir Guy Amir

Anat Eldar's project'

The most basic wooden music player possible, meant to be opera...
Project by Anat Eldar Anat Eldar

Yaniv Golan's project'

The most basic wooden music player possible, meant to be opera...
Project by Yaniv Golan Yaniv Golan

Sigal Galker's project'

Using old hard drives in totally new ways
Project by Sigal Galker Sigal Galker

Helena Kikov's project'

using used disk drive parts in totally new ways i am part of E...
Project by Helena Kikov Helena Kikov

Ahmed yusef abo alhija's project'

I would like to made a app it's approuch like a timer , that c...
Project by Ahmed yusef abo alhija Ahmed yusef abo alhija

ezer biron's project'

a device that monitors the environment (radiation temperature ...
Project by ezer biron ezer biron

Moneer's project'

An IoT to toggle light switches using EEG
Project by Moneer Moneer

Hasan Abo-Shally's project'

An IoT to toggle the light switches using EEG.
Project by Hasan Abo-Shally Hasan Abo-Shally

Reuven Stahl's project'

i'm joining Liron Gurvitz in building the battlebots arena, an...
Project by Reuven Stahl Reuven Stahl

Ran Nachmany's project'

abmoor or tango based VR with BIG nerf guns
Project by Ran Nachmany Daniel Gwerzman Ran Nachmany

Boaz Kantor's project'

An autonomous trash bin. Never miss again.
Project by Boaz Kantor Boaz Kantor

Shachar Tal's project'

(together with Eldad Galker) using hard drive parts in new wa...
Project by Shachar Tal Lea Polachek Shachar Tal

yosi's project'

Project by yosi yosi

Eldad Bercovici's project'

We want to make sock puppets talk small talk with relevance to...
Project by Eldad Bercovici Eldad Bercovici

Aya Tager's project'

Chocolate pralines using rotation molding powered by sterling ...
Project by Aya Tager Aya Tager


We will build a machine that makes cookies with changing ratio...
Project by Shlomi Mir Roee Shenberg Yossi Sorin Michal evyatar Ayush Kumar Pacheriwala Shlomi Mir

Sahar Hashai's project'

We want to build a punch-meter. You know, that thing when you ...
Project by Sahar Hashai Sahar Hashai

Gal Weinstock's project'

Laundry automation for home (I got the idea after I ruined a n...
Project by Gal Weinstock Gal Weinstock

Camera Slider

Modular and simple camera accessories. Will start with motoriz...
Project by Or Cohen Nir Maatuk Or Cohen

Just another stupid weather balloon

Another balloon that will transmit location in real time (hope...
Project by Yariv Bash Yariv Bash Shachar Mendelowitz Ronny Ziss

Itay Levitan's project'

Nargilomatic- a high tech smoking Shisa for the the Israeli Ar...
Project by Itay Levitan Itay Levitan


Nargilomatic- a high tech smoking shisha for the the Israeli A...
Project by yakir malka yakir malka

Liron gurvitz's project'

I wanna have a MINI BattleBots event at the GeekCon, with smal...
Project by Liron gurvitz Naomi Malka Kriger Amihai Ben-Arush Liron gurvitz

Yarden Sibony's project'

Using kinect to interact with a projected landscape (will prob...
Project by Yarden Sibony Yarden Sibony

איתן בניה's project'

הרעיון הוא לנצל את הבריזה הכמעט תמידית בחוף הים ואת הפרש הטמפר...
Project by איתן בניה איתן בניה

Nir Benita's project'

A vest that glows the harder you hug someone
Project by Nir Benita Tatyana Stern Nir Benita Liron Finegold

Ronen Abravanel's project'

With Ilan Graicer (dragon)
Project by


Building an underwater instrument (which is not a percussion)...
Project by Sharon Duek yuval kedem Amir Uval Sharon Duek

Roey Brecher's project'

A machine that disassembles itself until it dies.
Project by Roey Brecher Roey Brecher

Uri Shaked's project'

Abmoor - A self autonomy robot that navigates your apartment a...
Project by Uri Shaked Pavel Kaminsky Uri Shaked

Daniel Gwerzman's project'

Abmoor (Google team) - A self autonomy robot that uses project...
Project by Daniel Gwerzman Daniel Gwerzman tom sofer

The geekcon dress

This will be the third year of me making my geekcon dress usin...
Project by Lee Eden Lee Eden

Frank Bolton's project'

Party camera - IP camera for low light socials: use two raspbe...
Project by Frank Bolton Roman Baron Frank Bolton Nipun Batra

Cnaan Aviv's project'

A plotter using m&m candies ! Arduino+Lego+m&ms=Printer (plott...
Project by Cnaan Aviv Cnaan Aviv Nicole Dublon

Dragon Drone

DragonDrone - a 1 meter long, flying Chinese dragon multirotor
Project by Ilan Graicer Edik Zusin guy mador Avi Raindel Itamar Gilad Elad Luz Ilan Graicer Yariv Bash

Roy Beiser's project'

Project name: Fireflies Description: Electronic fireflies base...
Project by Roy Beiser Roy Beiser

Boat in place

motor boat that stays in place through image recognition
Project by Eden Shochat Eden Shochat Gil HIrsch

The Bull Shit Maker

A device that turns bullshit bla bla into tangible bullshit
Project by Gilli Aurel Salievic Jamilov Ezra Caltum Gilli

Face off

whip-cream at your opponent face
Project by shimrit tal shimrit tal Moty Listovsky