Automated ball that retrieves itself from under furniture.
Project by Tamar Greenberg Eyal Weisz Tamar Greenberg


Call your owner , Dog!! ..Speak to him in his own language !
Project by kol adi kol adi Tal Amuyal

The pets authorization project

Creating smart doors which can be opened only for the authori...
Project by Danny Wainshtein Batia Netzer Avni Yotam Peled Danny Wainshtein Amir Avni

Helping Dolphins See the Web

We are out to address the problem of dolphin entanglement in g...
Project by Matan Ninio Matan Ninio

Helen Collar

Help limited sighted or blind pets get oriented in their envir...
Project by Erez Simon Amihai Ben-Arush Tomer Fok oren avidar Gilad algli נועה יעקוב yuval wittenberg Sagi Dahbash Erez Simon


A dog/cat collar which notifies the owner when when your pet ...
Project by Tanya Vasilevitsky Tanya Vasilevitsky Lev Faerman Eyal Hariri

NoGo Collar

גם לכם קרה שהכלב טיפס על הספה? החתול טייל על המקלדת? מפזרים תג...
Project by Liat S Dima Feldman Liat S Elad solomon Natanel Davidovits

PoopBot - Poop Cleaning Robot

Yes!! Finally!! We will develop the robot that will clean you...
Project by Ben Hagin Daniel sher Mor Vardi Ben Hagin


Automatic conditional behavior training machine for dogs.
Project by Gal Weinstock Roni Ben Ari Gal Weinstock Ishai

Dog whisperer

A sensing dog collar that will train your dog. The collar wil...
Project by Elad Amira avikam agur oz arev Uri Gordon Elad Amira Amit Rozner Yotam Lidor


Your dog will take pictures of exciting moments.
Project by Erez Simon Hanoch Bar-Nitzan Erez Simon Tal


A search engine/notification service for lost and found pets, ...
Project by Nitzan Ohana Nitzan Ohana Lior Arbel Itay Weiss Alex Jilkin

Dog Collar Translator

Were making a collar for dogs to translate the sounds they mak...
Project by Shlomi Mir Ronen Peri Ori Ku Eyal Shlomi Mir matan harel

barks silencer

Using a device that sense barks and creates a contradicting so...
Project by Uri Gordon Hadar Shkolnik gal fischer Ram Nathaniel Eli Shraga Uri Gordon