Recycling Awareness and the Environment Avenue

Recycling Awareness and the Environment Avenue 1. Weatherpr...
Project by Andrew Deutsch Andrew Deutsch


Please connect to the Youtube video to a full understanding . ...
Project by Jean-Paul Turcaud Jean-Paul Turcaud

smart bed (pending approval)

a bed that makes sleep better by adding active sound cancelati...
Project by Jonathan Allon Jonathan Allon

השרדות עירונית

איך מכינים את כל מה שצריכים ממה שיש?
Project by עירית רתם עירית רתם

Desert Buzz Bells

Utilizing flies to control desert notes in a wind bell setting.
Project by Noa Morag galia galili Noa Morag

Making the worlds food healthier

My way of thinking is not to find cure for cancer but to preve...
Project by Hofit Kol Maimon Hofit Kol Maimon

How to grow your own food - DIY Hydrophonic system

Our project is all about delivering the knowledge how to build...
Project by Roy Snanes Roy Snanes

מחזירים לקהילה מה שחוסכים מהפרדת האשפה

יצירת מערכת המדווחת לתושבים בזמן אמת, את כמות האשפה המופרדת, ה...
Project by Lia Shteinberg Lia Shteinberg


Establishing a social network to protect the environment, usin...
Project by Avi Bohbot Avi Bohbot

Balloon and Kite Antennas

Many software defined radio (SDR) and internet mesh network ap...
Project by Yuval Adam Yuval Adam

Explorations of Ceramics Art and Technology

In this project I (with the help of participants) will explore...
Project by Zemer Sat galia galili Yonat Schwartz Zemer Sat Noa Morag Dorit Raab

cold to hot wate bypass (pending approval)

So... I'm thinkin about making an instrument that will allow w...
Project by alon fridler alon fridler


Build the model of a smart garden for a balcony.
Project by Aurel Salievic Jamilov Aya Tager Aurel Salievic Jamilov Yair Volovitz

Personal eco- friendly air conditioner

A second phase for the personal air conditioner prototype I cr...
Project by Ilana Kuznietz Oren Meiri Ilana Kuznietz Arnon Raab

Virtual Reality Tree Cutter

VR can change one's behavior. Why don't we use it to encourage...
Project by Ben Kaminsky Ben Kaminsky Yonat Schwartz Zemer Sat

Combined Cooling Heat and Power on a community scale

Experimenting ways of using waste/excess heat (and/or cooling)...
Project by Nataly Raab Leehe Skuler Yasmin Keats Oren Meiri Nataly Raab Arnon Raab

Dust, Dust, Dust!

Build a DIY particle detector, measure particle concentration ...
Project by Amir Bernat Zemer Sat Amir Bernat

AC suit

My current plans are to work on an air conditioned suit. The g...
Project by Uri Gordon Uri Gordon

Solar lights made from disposable plastic bottles

A Philippine social enterprise is bringing cheap solar lightin...
Project by ofer keren Lia Shteinberg Maria Goldstein ofer keren

green roof top garden

doing a prototype for green roof top gardens
Project by yoav zilberstein yoav zilberstein

flute from scrap piping

will bring samples of scrap piping of several grades and diame...
Project by Ronen Shechter Zemer Sat Ronen Shechter

Off Grid Solar - Efficiant DC appliances

Solar Systems for off grid homes and businesses. We will run ...
Project by Daniel Ben yehuda Daniel Ben yehuda

Rumple's Wheel

Build a spinning wheel out of an old bicycle, and like Rumples...
Project by Tamar Greenberg Tamar Greenberg

הובלת דיון בנושא יצירת שינוי חברתי באמצעות קיימות

הובלת דיון בנושא יצירת שינוי חברתי באמצעות קיימות
Project by Dorit Raab Alon Civier victor weis irit rogowski Dorit Raab

social education on sustainable development (pending approval)

"אבקש להוביל דיון בנושא חינוך למדעים, מחקר וקיימות לתלמידים בר...
Project by Oded Keynan Oded Keynan

בונה אגן ירוק לחמצון מים אפורים

בונה אגן ירוק לחמצון מים אפורים
Project by Yehuda Krudo Yehuda Krudo

Native house - back to the nature (pending approval)

Native house - back to the nature
Project by Amitay Dan Amitay Dan

Earth Battery

"Earth Battery" Desert site as a good place for ""Earth Batte...
Project by ofer keren Alexandra Papadopoulou Leonidas Kallinikos ofer keren