nvidia wood case (pending approval)

i have build PC case that looks 1:1 as nvidia logo. first d...
Project by iliya iliya

Whack a Mole (Villain) 2.0

The new version for the game "Whack a Mole" with some changes ...
Project by Kfir Matza Dolly Ovadia Sarel Matza alon barnea Kfir Matza

JamBot (pending approval)

A robot that play music
Project by Tal Baumel Tal Baumel

WeDates (pending approval)

absolutely unique matching app.
Project by Guy Dviri Guy Dviri

Gen Z audio encoder

Turn normal speech into audio that only kids can hear
Project by Alon Weinstein Alon Weinstein Eitan Gal

Foundry (pending approval)

Att Foundry
Project by Gadi Porat Gadi Porat

Recognize faces close your window (pending approval)

Recognize faces close your window and tell u about this with ...
Project by Shlomi Aflalo I'Tohar Nachman Shlomi Aflalo

aMUSE yourself: R/C cars (pending approval)

Jedi mind tricks on remote controlled cars.
Project by Alexander Akselevich Alexander Akselevich


Do you love each-other ? come prove it.
Project by Hasan Abo-Shally Hasan Abo-Shally Samuel Sccheer reda igbaria

DRAWNKNIGHT-graffiti drone

רחפן שעושה גריפיטי, מבחינה מכנית הפרוייקט בשלב עובד ולאחר טסטי...
Project by shmulik bilgoray Edik Zusin shmulik bilgoray Kalaora Avi

The Mini Halocline

We're going to build a small (human sized) water cave which w...
Project by Yarden Sibony Yarden Sibony Mascha Blender

The KAFA Robot

You know that good old game where one person needs to put the...
Project by Yaniv Tross Roman Smelyansky Yaniv Tross Dima Blochman lilach raz

Kids silencing machine

A sound canceling capsule for parents
Project by Eden Shochat Eden Shochat


i want to build something that enhances a plant's or pots pres...
Project by Leon Fedotov Nir Benita Leon Fedotov

The Master Sprinkler

Why water the whole lawn when you only have patches of grass? ...
Project by Sagiv Yaari Or Rubin Sagiv Yaari Danny Wainshtein

Personal rain cloud

Personal rain cloud, with rain and all
Project by Elad Ozeri Elad Ozeri Daria Markova

Bytes over Smoke Signal

Electronic communication between two devices over real fire sm...
Project by Yoad Snapir Dudi Peles Tamar Schmidek Yoad Snapir

A walking bike

A bicycle that have no wheels, yet they have legs ! http://car...
Project by Cnaan Aviv Cnaan Aviv Amir Bernat Daria Markova Keren Hackam Horev Eyal Peleg

SpyLapse (temporary name)

We are going to build a bunch of tiny timelapse cameras that c...
Project by Pavel Radzivilovsky Yarden Rashti Mike Dorfman Asaf Rozen Pavel Radzivilovsky

Mind Control VR maze

Prepare to be amazed :) Arduino laser race controlled by EEG...
Project by naama W Ben Kaminsky Sivan Barak Boaz Raz naama W Daria Markova Ohad cohen Yuval Meir Erez Waisbard

Glass breaking Opera Gun

Have you ever wanted to break glass? Then this project is just...
Project by Alon Kellner Alon Kellner Nir Kellner

Augmented Reality Volfied

Volfied is brought to real life, where the monster is real (al...
Project by Dan Goldberg Dan Goldberg Royi Benyossef Roy Hodir Michael Sverdlin

DIY children's toys

Childrens toys often involve sounds, lights, and buttons. Exam...
Project by Jon Ronen-Drori Rami Burstein Adi Karolitsky Jon Ronen-Drori

Geek Con type - 3 Axes Drawing Machine

We aim to build a drawing Machine based on three degrees of ...
Project by ofer keren Mickey Aya Tager Daria Markova ofer keren Tamar Greenberg

BEAT it!

Create music from your body movements and dance to your own be...
Project by Maya Oren gal fischer Eyal Weisz Nir Levanon Maya Oren

Playing Cards (credit cards, that is)

The magnetic stripes on credit cards are the same magnetic rib...
Project by Amir Uval Irete Hamdani Amir Uval Zohar Sacks

CapGun (pending approval)

The CapGun will shoot Nerf Darts by blowing up small Electroly...
Project by Itay Levitan Itay Levitan


With this device, no one will honk at your car again!
Project by Ronny Ziss eyal gruss Ronny Ziss

Bat Vision

Let's make a BATMAN suit that lets you see the world like a BA...
Project by Ilya Khivrich Eshed Shaham Ilya Khivrich Tzahi Zilbershtein

Snapchat IRL

פרויקט המדמה את הפילטרים של סנאפצט במציאות (באופן פיזי). אדם ...
Project by Ron Shleif Shahar Horesh Ron Shleif

3D zoetrope

we will build a 3D zoetrope https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoet...
Project by Daniel Schröder Daniel Schröder

Cyborg painter

We will try and create a robot or maybe just the arm and a bod...
Project by Danny Wainshtein Yotam Peled Alon Kartin Jose Bejar Daria Markova Danny Wainshtein ross konik Amir Avni

Lunar Lander

Physical representation of the classic Lunar Lander computer g...
Project by Dolev Papo Dolev Papo Dor Greenbaum


Catalizator aims to do one of the following: scare annoying ca...
Project by Hadar Shkolnik Hadar Shkolnik Vladimir Krapp Alex Geller Roni Isserles

SaaS (Shit!-as-a-Service) Cloud

Pissed off, want to shout [Holly]Shit!/WTF?!, but embarrassed ...
Project by Yoram Grinberg Doron Gombosh Pavel Stessin Yoram Grinberg Daria Markova

Personal rain cloud

A rain cloud that follows you. OH YE.
Project by shimrit tal shimrit tal Elad Ozeri Shlomi Mir Noam Cohen

Project an animated Gif on a big FAN

We'll add leds to the fan's arm and will project an animated g...
Project by Itay Kahana Itay Kahana Shai Keren Eran Shirazi

The Grape Checker

Life is too short to eat a bad grape, the Grape Checker tests ...
Project by Gilli Ezra Caltum Gilli

Wearable AC

Will create a personal and carryable cooling suit/vest for sur...
Project by Adi Avnit Mickey Adi Avnit Shachar Tal

Chair Scare

A set of plain looking chairs, that would scare away (in visua...
Project by Yair Uziel Yair Uziel Daria Markova Noa Morag

Zombie head

An rc zombie head rolling on the floor screaming and spilling ...
Project by Elad Luz Elad Luz Dafi Lavi

Butt plug wifi access point

Wifi is available today everywhere, well nearly everywhere. We...
Project by Guy Sheffer yair reshef Guy Sheffer

Robo-Trump: Make Geekcon great again!

We are going slightly political and we want to pay tribute to ...
Project by Ziv Barcesat Leon Rosengarten Jeff moskowitz Omer Koren Oren Meiri Gil Meiri Ziv Barcesat


a robot that jams music with you
Project by eyal gruss eyal gruss Batt Girl Ronny Ziss

Terrifying Reality

Show users terrifying scenarios in VR, while shaking, heating ...
Project by Oren Weizman Oren Weizman Ygal Kami Weitzman

Paper Dome

Paper airplanes interception system
Project by Nir Maatuk Nir Maatuk Or Cohen Omri Bahumi

Electrifying Guitar

A guitar that electrifies you every time you play out of tune.
Project by Oded Golan Natalie Bajjali Yuval Shoshan Oded Golan Oren Barzilai Alon Raizman

Block out the sun!

A thousand Geeks will descend upon you. Our arrows will block ...
Project by Tal Raindel Itay Levitan Naomi Malka Kriger Lior Teller Reuven Stahl Michael Layosh Tal Raindel

Cryo Chamber

Frozen sleep for a 100 years. Or just chill out on a hot S...
Project by Oren Tirosh Oren Tirosh

Tormented Reality

Make a muscle stimulator, and make fun games that punish the l...
Project by tuval ben dosa tuval ben dosa Tomer Gluck

Virtual licker

Using virtual reality gear, unity and leap motion we'll detect...
Project by Oded Sharon Oded Sharon Nicole Dublon barak hammel Lee Eden

Miss me if you can

Water gun that shot at people and miss them. with a color wat...
Project by arnon hadas arnon hadas Ofri Oster Nadav Oren


suicidal tendencies, in a machine. the machine will be desi...
Project by Roey Brecher Roey Brecher

Dance Chariot

The dance chariot is hungry for dancing, dance and it shall ta...
Project by Yotam Kenneth Gal Barkai Dafna Koby Yotam Kenneth guy muchnik Leor Yamay

World's Biggest Useless Machine

Space Odyssey HAL-9000 computer as a Useless Machine.
Project by Mickey Martin Mickey Martin Daria Markova rafael mizrahi Eyal Keidar

The waze of urinating

The first social network based urinating game!
Project by Elad Amira Elad Amira Amit Rozner Yotam Lidor


A working larynx model that can produce speech. Or some other ...
Project by Itamar Katz Itamar Katz Uri Gordon Omer Gvirsman Dana Halevi jonathan haran Shaul Tzemach


your hand on a computer mouse moves a manikin hand on another ...
Project by Nimrod Lehavi Nimrod Lehavi Daria Markova Zach Moshe


frisbee filming the action and performing homing on the person...
Project by Guy Scher nissim eran Yoni Mandel Ohad Ross Guy Scher Amihay Blau Danny Veikherman

Yes We Can-phone

Disk Drive reassembled in totally new way: Plan to create rea...
Project by Eldad Galker Sigal Galker Eldad Galker Guy Evyatar Nassie Katy Sidorova

Drones and Pizza

Drones and Pizza. Basically, a drone propeller hitting a pizz...
Project by Yariv Bash Yariv Bash Shachar Mendelowitz

Graffiti Drone

A drone that draws graffiti
Project by Roy Beiser Roy Beiser Shmulik Nakav

Stairs' climbing robot

A robot climbing on stairs with the help of 4 rotors which man...
Project by Roy Shmueli Roy Shmueli Omri Bodenheimer Ra'anan de Haas Niv Aharonovich

In Soviet Russia, the Pond aims at your Pee.

If the pee can't come to the pond, the pond will come to the p...
Project by Inbar Raz Yosi Orevi Inbar Raz Leon Fedotov Ze'ev Rubinstein

Shit Scale

Measure your weight before and after going to the toilet to se...
Project by Shahar Zrihen Inbar Raz Aurel Salievic Jamilov Shahar Zrihen Daria Markova Mario Steinbuch Amir Uval Zohar Sacks