Ana (pending approval)

גרסה אינטראקטיבית להצבה מרובדת מסכים וקטעי וידאו. יצירה הייפר-...
Project by Vera Korman Vera Korman

Physical Pong atari game

I want to build a physical Pong game
Project by Roy Hodir Sivan Barak Ziv Shannon Hogue Brown Barak Shabat Michal Vered Ammar Roy Hodir

Bone-appetite: Meat&Bones monster chicken

Bone-appetite: Meat&Bones monster chicken - dare eat me if you...
Project by Uri Gordon Uri Gordon

Portable Agricultural Lab

Our projects aim is to make a small Agricultural lab on wheels...
Project by Yosi Slavin Yosi Slavin zvi halbrecht Roy Bersover

foucault pendulum

Hope to build a giant foucault pendulum in the space between...
Project by ofer keren Aya Tager Liron Finegold smadar keren Myriam Schmidt ofer keren

Giant Moving Sculpture on basis Roof-Top

I would like the sculpture will react according to amount of t...
Project by yuri kats Lilach sahar koyo Roy Borkin rami rodik yuri kats Roy Bersover

The Incredible Spellbook

An interactive spellbook that brings middleages and modernity ...
Project by Keren Okman barak hammel Keren Okman Dorin Shani Ronit Mayer Ido Grady lilach raz Michal Vered Ammar

dlp projector model

like i tried to do at geekcon :)
Project by Leon Fedotov Leon Fedotov Aron Joseph Ehrlich

Concrete compensation for virtual cloud backup (pending approval)

Creating a small physical cloud each time of backing up materi...
Project by אינגה פונר קוקוס Inga Fonar Cocos אינגה פונר קוקוס Inga Fonar Cocos


We will create a physical manifestation of a person's emotions...
Project by Erez Simon Tal Winestock Edy galantzan Erez Simon ארז. בלושטיין Sean Galantzan dana meiri

Pendulum Wave with 15 billiard balls The Large Pen...
Project by ofer keren yuval carasso Arnon Raab Dorit Raab ofer keren

PCB art and jewlery

Creating art pieces and jewlery using a toner-transfer method,...
Project by Sigal Galker Sigal Galker tuval ben dosa Tomer Gluck

Magic shelf

Shelf that have built inside LEDs and lighting perspex signs
Project by Tal Raindel Lior Teller Tal Raindel


We will take/scan a picture and then our robotic arm will draw...
Project by Yotam Kenneth shaul katznelson Yotam Kenneth Leor Yamay

Air hockey table - steampunk style :) (pending approval)

A real operational air hockey table but made with copper, stea...
Project by shimrit tal shimrit tal

Chain reaction machine for kids' room

We are going to build few objects that complete a chain reacti...
Project by Noa Morag yasmin keats Hasan Abo-Shally ofir sadka Rona Sadan Noa Morag Aviv Sheriff Tom Hitron

disappearance (pending approval)

I want to invent a device / appliance / machine that can elimi...
Project by orly sever עירית תמרי orly sever

Brain waves transformed into canvas art

We want to translate the brain's waves and and face recogniti...
Project by Adi Stein Daniel Kremer Kremer Ira Roy Borkin Adi Stein Barak Shabat Yair Ginzburg eyal zeevi

the "ke-ilu" project

we aspire to create a sculpture of Hershko out of the UGD meat...
Project by Reuven Stahl Reuven Stahl Tal Raindel

Cookie Monster🍪

The Cookie Monster puppet will make you work for your cookie;)
Project by Michal Shalev Michal Shalev noga afek Moty Listovsky Idan Stark

An object that gives compliments

We will built up an object that gives compliments. Recommende...
Project by Keren Gueller Keren Gueller fernando gueller תומר פדאל

Creation Liberator or Terminator

Lets create a diabolic machine that will either liberate and t...
Project by Efrat Klipshtein yuval carasso Haim Levac Roy Bersover Efrat Klipshtein

Folk dancing operated musical instruments

I want to build a robotic musical instruments and control them...
Project by Ziv Barcesat omri david Daniel Bassin yosef mashiach Ziv Barcesat Garo Kopoushian

Mega Chameleon

I want to build a chameleon head that will catch 3d printed fl...
Project by gali gabai rivka levi gali gabai michael buda Roy Bersover Ben Tendler

Musical Painting

Creating a painting using music. I want to make balloons and b...
Project by Oleg Gavrizon Eyal Weisz Roy Borkin Oleg Gavrizon