Happy ball

The Happy Ball will be able to tell what it experience. we in...
Project by Shahar klein Paul Blakey Shahar klein Paul Blakey Roi Dayan

Mixed Reality ball game

Throwing Virtual balls through Real hoops, gates and targets
Project by Ygal Kami Weitzman Oren Weizman Ygal Kami Weitzman

Writing on the fly

(No animal cruelty involved) We want to make a ball that blin...
Project by Ilya Khivrich Eshed Shaham Ilya Khivrich Matan hershko Keren Zhalenchuck


A stressful relaxing game. The speed of the gameplay is determ...
Project by Tal Galker Sagi Monin Tal Galker Sigal Galker Senir Gell

With gillie Cegla

I am maker. Gilli Cegla invited me
Project by Ronen Barak Ronen Barak

Command and Conquer Shitty Edition

I would like to donate Gear VR on Note 4 and find someone to h...
Project by Aurel Salievic Jamilov Aurel Salievic Jamilov


Using mixed reality to impact Reality. Tracing a stream on ...
Project by Ofer HaCohen Gal Beilis-Lev Ofer HaCohen Nir Henn Yossi Ben Hagai Yossi Ben Hagai oved machlev Eitan Gal Shaul Valero

mechanic live 3d topographic surface

using a vertical shaft array we will attempt to simulate a 3d ...
Project by Leon Fedotov Leon Fedotov

Oculus thief

Interactive game/or real life scenario where you play the thie...
Project by Danny Wainshtein Yariv Amir Avni Danny Wainshtein ross konik Danny Veikherman

Fun with bubbles ;)

Fun with bubbles : מצע בועות ואורות אינטראקטיבי
Project by סיון ברק סיון ברק Orly Yeruham

Kitesurf Simulator OR the rolling fish

Kitesurf Simulator: All the fun of kitesurfing from the comfor...
Project by Gilli Ronen Barak Gilli Or Hirshfeld

Infinite Chain Reaction

Are perpetual motion machines possible? Let's figure out.
Project by Hasan Abo-Shally Hasan Abo-Shally Fawzeya masoud ady agbarih Sujud Abu Atta


Our painting robot from last year is back with new features an...
Project by ross konik Danny Wainshtein ross konik


Like every year, we try to make this happen - a toilet seat th...
Project by Shahar Zrihen Shahar Zrihen

Magical Free Energy Bicycle

Go out for a complete riding experience on the magical bikes! ...
Project by gal fischer gal fischer Anastasia Sam

Real life "offline t-rex" game

We all know this small dinosaur game that appears in Chrome an...
Project by Uri Shaked Ariella Eliassaf Uri Shaked Itay Radotzki Avi Aminov

Nutri-Matic Drink Dispenser (NMDD)

Personalized automated bartender which uses machine learning a...
Project by Shimi Gersner Michael Sverdlin Alon Raizman Dan Goldberg Shimi Gersner renana sofia Liron Finegold

Corn Pop

A pool out of corn starch+water to create non newtonian fluid ...
Project by Sharon Duek Ran Lehr Sharon Duek


Foosball game Geekcon style with 3D printed characters from Ge...
Project by Maya Oren Ygal Kami Weitzman Ori Shiloh Gutentag Oded Maya Oren Matar maoz ilan maoz Ariel Bluman

Rick and Morty - Concerto's Lair

Gamification of the Rick and Morty Concerto's Lair scene. htt...
Project by Dorin Shani ilia gandelman Ido Grady Peleg Manulis Dorin Shani Guy Tordjman

Israeli drone

רחפן/רובוט שנדחף בשבילך בתור תוך כדי שהוא מצטער וצועק אני רק ש...
Project by Yariv Bash Yariv Bash Shachar Mendelowitz


Upon a car's driver request for a cup of coffee (through a sm...
Project by Yoni Mandel Yoni Mandel ofer keren

Pacman with robots

To create the world's largest pacman game with a physical pacm...
Project by Niv Aharonovich Barak Hadad Michal Shalev Idan Stark Matar maoz Niv Aharonovich

Marvin the Paranoid Android

Marvin the Paranoid Android, is a robot from the Hitchhiker's ...
Project by Ziv Barcesat omri david Omer Koren Ziv Barcesat oran hollaender Garo Kopoushian

Pinball Washing Machine for Bathing Suits

We want to build a washing machine and dryer for bathing suits...
Project by Orly Yeruham Michal Vered Ammar Orly Yeruham

'League of Legends' Wings!

yes. two project. im that good :) https://www.youtube.com/w...
Project by shimrit tal shuly anenburg shimrit tal Uri Gordon Ze'ev Rubinstein

Vortex cocktail machine gun

We have all heard of vortex cannons. Those how haven't here is...
Project by Gil Meiri Oren Meiri Gil Meiri

Luft Gesheft

Quadcopter flying under paper plain supporting its continues...
Project by Nimrod Lehavi Nimrod Lehavi Zach Moshe Liraz Siri

Interactive light suit

Imagine that your suite (shirt) can reflect your movement. Mo...
Project by Dror Tirosh Yoav Weiss Dror Tirosh


Creating a big and rough 3D printer with a large extruder to c...
Project by Ilana Kuznietz tom sofer Ilana Kuznietz Moti Dorfman Noa Morag hotam leyzerovitch

The Brain Machine

Use your "brain" in order to solve hard puzzles the machine wi...
Project by Kfir Matza Sarel Matza Moti Dorfman dolly ovadia alon barnea Kfir Matza Gil goldzweig

Pain Station

We plan to introduce several sensory dimensions to computer ga...
Project by tuval ben dosa Sagi Monin Or Dobkowski Tal Galker Tomer Gluck Sigal Galker Ido Moskovich sarel duanis Senir Gell tuval ben dosa

Tomato Run

Sit on a motorized car seat, running over 18 meter rail... ......
Project by Avi Ostfeld Avi Ostfeld Eli Shraga Guy Ostfeld Ronen Wasserman Idan Lodzki Dorin Shani Gil goldzweig

Lit Up Reactive Hug Suits

A wearble LED operated suit or onesie that reacts when someone...
Project by Oded Sharon Lee Eden Oded Sharon

DIY Neon

Building home made Neon tube.
Project by Tal Raindel tom sofer Moti Dorfman Yacov Malinovich Tal Raindel

A hand or leg?

Building Robotics hands controlled by moving the legs.
Project by Tal Raindel Yacov Malinovich Yoav Medan Tal Raindel Benny Godlin

High Five

A fun robotic guy that will cruise around and give high five t...
Project by Amihay Blau Amihay Blau

The Automatic Shower Something (ASS)

Are you tired of bathing your kids every day? Have you ever dr...
Project by Jon Ronen-Drori Lily Ronen Erez Waisbard Mike Krimerman Adi Karolitsky Jon Ronen-Drori

Robotic Cat laser pointer chaser

A cat chasing a laser pointer is charming A cat ROBOT chasing...
Project by Alon Kellner Yuval Hayke Nir Kellner Liron Finegold Alon Kellner

Strings attached

"Exo-skeleton" to control a person . A device that will be me...
Project by Tomer Daniel Tomer Daniel saron paz Adam Bar Niv Zvika Markfeld


Have you ever settled in that perfect spot on the couch, only ...
Project by Alina Sudakov Ran Levinstein Razi berg Yonatan Petcho Alina Sudakov

the radial swing piano (name pending)

makeing a radial (i.e round) swing operated piano
Project by Reuven Stahl Shahar Zrihen Reuven Stahl Eyal Hershko Eli may

Ethical Vibrator

A vibrator that gives (or doesn't give) consent. When the on b...
Project by Katy Sidorova Peleg Wasserman Yosi Orevi Katy Sidorova Stanislav Beylis

Blindfold shooting

Computer-vision assisted shooting, so you can shot a balloon b...
Project by Yoav Weiss Yoav Weiss Dror Tirosh

Physical Pacman

Experience Pacman like never before, with players made of plas...
Project by Adam Rahwane Alik braz Ricardo Werdesheim Yochai ankava Nahum mor Zvika Markfeld Adam Rahwane Yoad Snapir

Fight boredom with boredom

Fridge-Scoping [noun]: the habit of repetitively opening the f...
Project by Lior Neuman Nir Adar Doron Gombosh Pavel Stessin Lior Neuman

Catapults Playing Catch

What? Never saw two autonomous catapults playing catch with ea...
Project by Yoad Snapir Dudi Peles Yoad Snapir

Car Control

Controlling a rc car by using a real car
Project by Oded Levin Oded Levin

Pinyata FPV

in normal pinyata game the eyes are cover and you can't see an...
Project by Shmulik Nakav Shmulik Nakav Roy Beiser

Real Life (huge:) video game

playing field for one or more players - when the person replac...
Project by shimrit tal shimrit tal Oren Weizman Eli Shraga Liron Finegold

GasWay - Gasoline Powered Segway

Gasoline power to electric Segway, cause "I'm just here for th...
Project by rafael mizrahi Mickey Martin Moti Dorfman Eyal Keidar rafael mizrahi

dirty robot

the 1st robot in the world That will mess up your House And p...
Project by yakir malka Itay Levitan Matan Havi Fima Autenshlus yakir malka


We are going to use the system we built last time, to shoot hi...
Project by Pavel Radzivilovsky Gutentag Oded Pavel Radzivilovsky

Geekcon 2017

Making Geekcon happen is my project.
Project by Inbar Raz Inbar Raz Zach Moshe