Bicycle machine interface (pending approval)

Power a game console using a bicycle. (A Magic Leap project)
Project by Ronen Abravanel Danny Wainshtein Ronen Abravanel
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A-AI for Autonomous Driving (pending approval)

an autonomous driving system based on cutting-edge a-ai (artif...
Project by Liran Tam Liran Tam
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Hover duel

We've updated the project - we will have an aerial duel betwee...
Project by Shahar Zrihen Shahar Zrihen Eyal Hershko Reuven Stahl Keren Hanan Eli May
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rumba stop sucking

in this project we will attempt to repurpose old rumba robots ...
Project by Leon Fedotov Yosi Orevi Leon Fedotov yair reshef
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Not so smart house

A (not) smart lightbulb that turns itself off by breaking it, ...
Project by Anton Lerner mikey Anton Lerner Yosher Lutzki
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the return of the Asado Drone

taking laziness no step anywhere... let the autonomous drone g...
Project by Yosi Orevi Yosi Orevi Gilli
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Tube of light-balls.

Imagine flexible tube, where glowing balls of light travel bac...
Project by Dror Tirosh Eli Shraga Dror Tirosh
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Junk Biolab

Molecular biologists who work in old labs tend to get stuck wi...
Project by Sigal Galker Adi Kikin Sigal Galker
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Heureka - Largest Sous Vide ever!

We will create a bathtub Sous Vide for cooking in large scale....
Project by Gilli Gilli
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Pool's rifle

Basically an air pressure powerd nerf gun. Only the air prussu...
Project by Shahar Horesh Shahar Horesh Ron Shleif
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Shooter based Gesture recognition
Project by nissim eran Gandelman Roman nissim eran Amir Avni
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The anti-social, neck-breaking smartphone background app - A b...
Project by Nir Levanon Nir Levanon
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Proof of hamster

The project will use an hamster's wheel (with a live and well-...
Project by Maayan Keshet Maayan Keshet shaked katsir
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Real Life Micro Machines

A real-life version of the classic games. Hopefully with FPV c...
Project by Yaniv Tross Tsahy Guy schlider Roman Smelyansky Yaniv Tross Dima Blochman lilach raz
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As we all know, plants are boring. Also, they require much car...
Project by tuval ben dosa Adi Kikin Sigal Galker tuval ben dosa Tomer Gluck
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Edge AI in the cloud

We will take an Edge AI device, use a kite to lift it to sit a...
Project by Amir Bernat Frank Bolton Ram Nathaniel Amir Bernat Shachar Mendelowitz Tamar Rotman
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Hot Dog Cannon

Our Hot Dog cannon will get hot dogs all over the Geeckon work...
Project by Itay Levitan Itay Levitan Roei Sadgat Fima Autenshlus Liran Tam Igal Shveybesh yakir malka
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Stringless "Electric" Guitar

Guitar with no strings that will make the same effect with "Wa...
Project by Kfir Matza CHEN, YING-JU Dolly Ovadia alon barnea Tamar Marcus Guy Sheffer Kfir Matza
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Bar Mitzvah Blast๐ŸŽ†๐Ÿฌ

Shooting candy at a bar mitzvah boy while he's trying to escap...
Project by Michal Shalev Michal Shalev Yoav Shalev Itamar Shoham Shira Negbi
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Strings attached

"Exo-skeleton" to control a person . A device that will be mea...
Project by Tomer Daniel Tomer Daniel Igal Avraham Shani Daniel Zvika Markfeld
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Chess Protector

A chess game that punishes you every time you try to make an i...
Project by Alon Raizman Orly Yeruham Alon Raizman Dafna Hirschfeld Zeev Rotshtein Liron Navon Michael Sverdlin
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Basically, we want to build a radio telescope. But a tiny one,...
Project by Ilya Khivrich Eshed Shaham Ilya Khivrich Tzahi Zilbershtein Roy Segal Dor Ratz
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musical wall

Create music on a magic wall
Project by maya oren maya oren Roy Hodir
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Musical Chairs

The same old musical chairs game, but instead of manually taki...
Project by Orly Yeruham Maxim Dudnik Orly Yeruham Michal Vered Ammar Dafna Hirschfeld
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A "bicycle" hanging on a gimbal inside a single geodesic ball.
Project by Moti Dorfman Gutentag Oded Ariel Bluman ofer keren Amir Uri Moti Dorfman Tamar Greenberg
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Just Dance Fortnite

everybody go nuts about Fortnite game and more specifically ab...
Project by rafael mizrahi shimrit tal Mickey Martin Alon Karnibad Myriam Schmidt rafael mizrahi Eyal Keidar
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Dancing Tornado

Image a transparent pipe 1.5 meter size, in the pipe a swirl o...
Project by Arkadi Rafalovich Alon Gruss Arkadi Rafalovich Gal Abramovitz michal shaham Sol Fine
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Geekcon 2018

I'm the head of the organizing team, Geekcon is my project.
Project by Inbar Raz Inbar Raz
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Autonomous/RC bicycle rider

Autonomous/RC bicycle rider Can control the handlebars and th...
Project by Ran Levinstein Razi berg Yonatan Petcho Ran Levinstein Gal Hershkovits Alina Sudakov Elay Datika
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Low Battary

Anxiety from drained battery in a mobile device - is a real (a...
Project by Lior Neuman Doron Gombosh Pavel Stessin Lior Neuman
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Plush Crane Drone

Huge scale plush crane machine with drone
Project by Nir Maatuk Or Cohen Nir Maatuk
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ืžืœืš ื”ืฉืฉ ื‘ืฉ

ืื—ื™ ืื—ื™, ื‘ื ืœืš ืžืฉื—ืง? ืžืงื•ื•ื” ืฉืืชื” ื™ื•ื“ืข ืœืžื” ืืชื” ื ื›ื ืก... ืื ื™ ื™ื•...
Project by Matar maoz Naomi Malka Kriger Yonatan Cale Nirit Maoz Matar maoz Roy Lewin
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Flashlight of darkness // ืคื ืก ื—ื•ืฉืš

.ืคื ืก ืฉืžืงื•ืžื• ื™ื™ื ื•ื˜ืจ ื‘ืžืจื—ื‘ , ื•ืœืคื• ื™ื›ื‘ื• ื ื•ืจื•ืช ื‘ืœื•ื— ืœื“ื™ื ื”ืžื˜ืจื” ืœ...
Project by Ben Feuerstein Nir Levanon Adam Hitin-Bialus ori zilber Ben Feuerstein Nimrod Civre
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Trumpet playing robot

Nobody has ever done this before (as far as we can tell), so w...
Project by Ariella Eliassaf Uri Shaked Ariella Eliassaf Avi Aminov
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the keyboards project

Men simply don't know what women want in their keyboard, I can...
Project by Lee Eden Oded Sharon Dorin Shani Eden Shochat Lee Eden
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The autonomous finjan will serve turkish coffee a moment befor...
Project by Elad Amira Uri Gordon Elad Amira Nir Amira
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Mini spiral fountain

in this project we will try to build mini spiral fountain pu...
Project by Shmulik Nakav Shmulik Nakav
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Hamster Simulator

Just as it sounds, yet even better! Help us make a hamster l...
Project by Alon Kellner nir yosef Nir Kellner yuval kedem Erez Waisbard Amir Uval Alon Kellner Udi Peled
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Demi Can Take Vacation

one of our co-founders, Demi is taking lots lots of selfies. ...
Project by Elad Shapira Elad Shapira
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Gatling Smoke gun

Using old disk drive parts to create Gatling Smoke Ring gun O...
Project by Eldad Galker Nimrod Segev Eldad Galker Evyatar Nassie ofer keren Sara Sirota
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VaaC - Vehicle as a Controller

We'll control a remote controlled toy vehicle using a real car...
Project by Eyal Amd Oded Levin Galia Samson idan poggle Eyal Amd Omer Sha'ashua
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