Space Invaders using real drones

Real life Space Invaders game using drones as the alien invasion force


SpacedOut is a real life remake of the classic Space Invaders arcade game using Drones.
Equipped with light sensors and LED strips we animated the space drones and arranged them in a game formation using a specially developed autonomous flight software.

On the ground the player sits on the laser gunner station which moves across rails and shoots laser beams. After 5 hits, the drones were taken down and out of the game.

SpacedOut was finalised and first presented over the GeekCon 2016 hackathon which took place in Israel. A team of 13 coders, designers, and makers were involved in the development of this ambitious project. It was an enormous effort to pull this off, and it took a diverse group of creative individuals who took part in this project
The project was led by : 

ForReal Team - An interactive experience design studio (Zvika Markfeld, Ofer Zvik & Saron Paz)
Avi Ostfeld - A tech entrepreneur and maker enthusiast  
vHhive  - A start up that is developing a software that controls drone fleets ( Yariv Geller & Tomer Daniel)

Also part of the crew are :
Studio TinMan - A metalworking virtuous 
Adam Bar-Niv
Elad Segal
Rotem Stahl
Ran Nachmany
Uri Harduf

A special thanks to our sponsors:
Google Israel

Here are some of the pics from the build and event:

here is a making of video:

and here is the project's Geekcon closing presentation video: