Tormented Reality

Make a muscle stimulator, and make fun games that punish the losing players with mild pain.


1) Build muscle stimulator, cumbersomely named "Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation"(TENS).
This device applies modulated 20-30V pulses through muscles making them contract.
2) Apply the TENS  to different games, two ideas have been though up of yet:
a) fighting game: two players wear TENS devices on their shoulders arms and legs,  and they fight, but they do not touch! each time a fist it thrown, the opponent's TENS device turns on, and applies stimulation across the muscle, causing mild pain on the targeted limb.
b) DogFight:
two players have TENS devices on them, and both have a rear detector on the back, and a transmitter on the front. each player must chase his opponent's back to trigger his TENS device.
we hope to see people embaress themseves badly on this one.
c) integrate to other people's ideas. we plan to make this device as generic as possible, that it might be helpful to others.