Message in a Bottle Booster (Hang Diving will wait...)

Ok... the Hang Diving project will wait for the right resources and time... We will try to start something related... a Message in a bottle booster... The idea is to make a small autonomous boat that will be able to go to a specific pint in the sea, and launch a bottle with a message... in order to help it reach its destination (Sydni ? hmm... :-)) Well... for a start we want that boat to go to a specific point in the sea, take a picture (with geo information) and send it back over GSM or turn around and come back. It's not a simple project, we are a small team.. So... if you think that you can contribute in any way.... how to build this little boat, navigation algos, any experience with marine issues... equipment... whatever.... Please... ------------------- This is the Hang Diving project (on hold for now) Remote Snorkel diving. The user is "hanged", lying on shore with VR Headset in a "snorkling" position. In water there is a submarine with camera. The user can see the underwater live video in his headset and can "swim" in order to control the submarine.


This project is quite complicated and it is in initial stage.  Need a lot of help.... Equipment... Team.... Luck.... Time....

So.... if you have any knowledge and/or equipment - please join:

Headset  VR
Underwater video
Wireless communication
Wirelss video
Kinect or Realsense 
Underwater motors, controls
Any knowledge with submarine 
Welding skills (an materials,,,) for the "dry" side in order to "hang" the diver