Glass breaking Opera Gun


Nir Kellner

Alon Kellner

Have you ever wanted to break glass? Then this project is just for you! The Opera Gun™ will have all of the glass-breaking-opera-singing abilities you ever wanted in one compact easy to use gun! Why you ask? because... WHY NOT?! Join us now!


The general concept we wish to achieve is a portable device, held and operated by one persone, which has the ability to remotly measure the natural frequency of a wine glass, and with a speaker to break the wine glass by the principle of resonance, basicly 3 stages: sensing, processing and breaking.
The sensing is planned to be done with a few microphones to measure
the sound of the wine glass and to cancle any unwanted noise, the main speaker would make a pulse that should expose the natural frequency of the wine glass.
Then the processing is planned to be on an arduino or a raspberry pi, not known yet, the code will be trying to get the pure natural frequency of the glass.
The breaking will be just playing the natural frequency of the wine glass with the main speaker, in theory that should break the glass.

Currently we have our coding team but none of us has any experience with coding sound systems or wave manipulating, we also need help with the electrical design, it would help if you have experience with sound equipment, and finally we could definitely use some help with the product design, contact us if you are interested in any of the above.

Thank you for reading, see you at the event!
(To find us at the event follow the breaking sounds...)