Catalizator aims to do one of the following: scare annoying cats while you're asleep, or - annoy you even more (because it's fun). You will put a small microphone and a speaker outside your window; Once you're asleep and there are annoying cats outside that make sounds and wake you up, Catalizator will identify the miaows (of different types!), and if the volume is loud (will be defined) - the speaker will either make loud sounds of "Shhhh!!!" "ksht!" "kishta!" etc... to scare the cats away so you can go back to your sweet sweet sleep, or... it will make the most annoying sounds in the world... you guessed right: pigeons! you will have pigeons & cats together outside your window, what a joy! And why? just to annoy you even more so you will never go back to sleep ever again!