Samuel Sccheer


- I think I'm pretty good at improvising, finding new solutions for uncommon problems. I also tend to be quite creative, finding useful and useless ideas whereever I go. I'm a team player, so I love supporting more capable team mates with what they need. I'm decent at designing (Photoshop etc.), ok with filmmaking. I'm really good with presenting and selling almost anything.
Hi there!

I've founded several businesses, some are doing well, others I've had to close down. From selling fans during hot summers in high school to founding my first business at age 21, I am addicted to the uncertainty and excitement that comes from creating new ventures.

During day time, I work out in Tel Aviv, invite my friends for home cooked dinners and visit our 15 people team and therapy center at NoTube in Graz, Austria as much as I can.

During night time, I work at Nossa Labs, a boutique marketing agency based in SF where we help impactful companies make the world better than the way we found it.

I've tried my best to develop myself as a self aware and inter-culturally capable human being by spending extensive time abroad in diverse areas, from working in a hardware store in a South African township, to supervising power plants in the Philippines.

I love helping people and spend a lot of time thinking about what matters in life, so reach out to me and I'll try my best to help!