sharon azagi

Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.


2017-2018 Faculty of Arts - Hamidrasha
2012-2015 M.F.A degree from Bezalel academy of art and design

2015 Aileen s. Cooper Prize

2018 "Living Room"  Art Cube Jerusalem, Israel.
2017 "And The Days" Faculty of Arts - Hamidrasha, Beit Berl, Israel.

2016 “Hatsophe”, the gallery of the Mormon University, Jerusalem, Israel.
2016  “Tusik o Tahat” Pass Port Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2016 "Action- Variable Subjects" as apart of WASB Biennale, Persephone Center, Sdei Trumot, Israel.
2015 “The Mechanics of Continuity”, Bezalel final project, Jerusalem, Israel.
2015 –  Intermedia Department, Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow, Poland 
2014, “Illation”, The Hansen House  Jerusalem, Israel.

2016- Initiating, Producing and participatingin in the art event "Action- Vraiable Subjects" in cooperation with WAS Biennale 1st worldwide apartment and studio biennale

2016  co-founder of the Persephone art ecological center conducting workshops, various art projects and creating links between likeminded people.

2015-2016 Took Part of the Israeli-Polish project “Aesthetics and Bias” in collaboration with the Israeli performance artist Adina Bar-On and Arthur Tajber, a polish performance artist and Head of Performance Art Studio at Faculty of Intermedia, Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts

2014-2015  Co-Founder of the “Simtaote” Culture magazine in Jerusalem Israel

2014-2015 Took part of the project International residency program at the Art Cube Artists Studios Jerusalem, Israel with olaf bruining  

2014-2015 Member of the New-Spirit organization an organization that creates a new urban reality for young people in Jerusalem.  Create and develop Varied, innovative and unique scenes in the areas of creative, artistic movement, entrepreneurship and leadership. Increase the power of the creators, developers, Artists and the city's young government employees, to create a new urban reality in Jerusalem.